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Curiosity, admiration, and delight in nature activate my energy and creativity


To engage diverse audiences in using the creative process; to capture public imagination; and to use art- making as a vehicle for self-awareness, cultural understanding, community building, and global environmental change focused on water, climate and food.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA, Site-Specific Installations, 1976
Kansas City Art Institute, BFA, Sculpture, 1974 -post graduate Video, Cinema, Photo

Areas of Specialization

Site/Situation-Specific Installations, Inclusive Public Art, Art in Relationship to Environmental Awareness

Academic Appointments (selected)

• Carnegie Mellon University       Sculpture, Intermedia              Adjunct Assistant Professor
• Syracuse University                 3-D/4-D Design                      Assistant Professor
• Cleveland Art Institute              Textiles/Printing                     Chairperson/Asst. Professor
• Washington University             3-D/4-D Design                       Instructor
• Art Institute of Chicago             Fiber                                     Instructor
• Kansas City Art Institute          Pre-College Sculpture             Instructor

Professional Achievements

• Received grants and fellowships from: National Endowment for the Arts 1981; Heinz Foundation for Swiss Tapestry Biennale 1980, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation 2001, 2003, 2004; Grable Foundation 1998, 1999, and New England Biolabs 2007; Ohio Arts Council; and the Art Institute of Chicago

• Created and constructed more than 15 architectural-scale wind sculptures and events in locations including; The Johnson Museum at Cornell; The Dayton Art Institute; Artpark; Lewiston, NY, Seattle Pittsburgh; New York Lincoln Center; Chicago; Miami; Knoxville; Duluth; Milwaukee; and St. Louis

• Created art with international collaboration: with conferences; United Religion Initiative, charter signing; Belonging to Mother Earth, Indigenous Wisdom and Healing: and transmissions of artwork with the Digital Art eXchange DAX 1982-1991, including Linz, Austria for Robert Adrian’s Arts Electronica; Dakar, Senegal; Campinas, Brazil; Gwent, UK; and Baltimore; Boston; and Chicago, USA

• Produced and constructed site-specific community art projects with natural science components at numerous locations, including Philadelphia’s Village of Arts and Humanities; SOS Fish@MIT Stata Building; Ohio State University Multicultural Center; Cleveland Institute of Art; Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival; The City of Dayton; and numerous schools and community organizations

• Collaborated with artists, choreographers, and musicians in performances in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Syracuse, Dayton, Albuquerque, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York (Lincoln Center)

• In over 100 articles; in books, Textile Art by Michel Thomas, published by Rizzoli, and Whole Cloth by Constatine/Reuter; catalogs, K18, magazines, and newspapers from local dailies to the covers of Textile Art Magazine, Fiberarts Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, and The Pittsburgh Press

• Produced Color Wind in Motion: Process a documentary of work, for The 10th International Tapestry Biennale, Lausanne, Switzerland; featured in Sculpture in the 80’s and two “On Q” PBS news segments

Lectures and Presentations (selected)

Over 100 lectures and workshops including Cranbrook Academy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rhode Island School of Design, University of New Mexico, Atlanta College of Art, Wake Forest, University of Minnesota, Keynote, NCSD, Iowa State University, Boston University, University of Texas at Austin, City of Dayton; Over 100 presentations and residencies for K-12 pilot programs and community organizations

Installations, Exhibits, Commissions and Performances

2005-06 SOS Fish, water-awareness exhibit, New York Museum of Water, New York, NY
SOS Fish, traveling exhibit and workshops, MIT, Cambridge, MA
SEW-N-SEW: Homage to the Mill Girls, exterior installation, Revolving Museum, Lowell, MA
2004 Reflective Flow: Afloat, River’s Edge Installation at The MAC, MAAF, Morgantown, WV
2003 Wings and Prayer, Kujenga Pamoja Celebration, Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia, PA
2002 Tayamentasachta: Never Ending WATER, Carnegie Steel Factory Pumphouse, Homestead, PA
Birds in the Balance: Water, Air, Land & Food, installation, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
Seeds and Celebrations: Garden Quilt, plywood 3D mural with international children, Scranton, PA
Flags and Flowers, garden installation, part of 20-year retrospective residency program, Dayton, OH.
2001 Cultivating Community: Urban Gardens, 100’ sculptural mural, Hill District, Pittsburgh, PA
Turtle Vision: Waterfall, Pittsburgh Intl. Children’s Festival / The International Sculpture Conference, PA
TV, flew for Rachel Carson WASTE Conference; Interior site work Ice Falls, Brewhouse, Pittsburgh, PA
1999 Plates and Palettes: Circles & Celebrations, four 14’ mandalas, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
Earthlines, community fabric installation, Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
1998 WATER / Table / Fable / Tree / WIND, 450’ wind activated "stream," Greencastle, PA
1996 TIME <<not line>> Wide / Wind /Tide, installation, Foreland Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
NEA On line Fellowships Exhibit, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
1995 Water / Table / Fable / Tree / EARTH, 7,½ ton sand mandala, Tayamentasachta, Greencastle, PA
Plant Flags, Wave Hill, 30th Anniversary, Bronx, NY
1993 Smoke / Sign / Signal / Screen / FIRE Homage to Hiroshima, OSU Multicultural Center, Columbus, OH
1991 Iraq: Birthday “Candles,” slow-scan exchange “Art’s Birthday,” nine international locations, DAX
1990 Eye to-Eye and Lineage, collaborative slow scan transmissions DAX,Pittsburgh, PA, US: Dakar, Senegal
China, Wind of Freedom & Mothers Watch Your Children, Earth Day slow scan, DAXInternational)
1984 Reflective Flow, creek installation, Touchstone, Uniontown, PA
1983 Artists in Fiber, NEA Fellowship winners, Fiberworks, Berkeley, CA
Camera Constructions, Bacardi Gallery, two person exhibit, Miami, FL
1981 Spirits, performance collaboration, Anna Halprin, S. Ninnenger, K. Nurock, UNM, Albuquerque, NM
Living Landscape: Ship Afloat Earth Unbound, Artpark, Lewiston, NY
Nature Flags, Dayton City Beautiful Council Alternative Residency Program, Dayton, OH
1980 Color Wave Rain Bow Ground Break, Groundbreaking ceremony; Cultural Center, Miami, FL,
1979 Das Marchen, Performance collaboration, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH
Wind / Water / Bird / Fish; Tornado, Installation/collage and fabric, Octagon Gallery, Ames, IW
1978 Woven Air, Art and Architecture Symposium, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
1977 Urban Gardens, architectural scale wind sculpture, Yamasaki’s Rainer Bank Building, Seattle, WA
Butterfly, wind sculpture, Pittsburgh, PA
1976 Bird in Kite/Birth of Venus/Felix, wind sculptures, Gateway Center, Pittsburgh, PA
1974 Rain and Shine Events, collaboration, Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, New York, NY

Articles, Catalogs, Magazines and Books (selected)

2006 Rich, Virginia. “In the Swim with Instructive Fish Art.” TechTalk, MIT, Cambridge, MA
2002 Nathanson, Carol. With a View Toward the Public- Dayton’s Alternative Spaces ‘77-’83, Wright State U, OH
“Plates and Palettes: Circles and Celebrations,” Teaching Tolerance Magazine, Montgomery, AL
2001 Berton, Mark. “Turtle Vision,” Fiberarts, Nov./Dec., Ashville, NC
1997 Mildred Constantine & Laurel Reuter. Whole Cloth, Monacelli Press, New York, NY
1985 Thomas, Michel. Textile Art, (Book on History of Textile), Rizzoli International Press, New York, NY
1984 Snodgrass, Cindy. "The Creative Process," Fiberarts, Nov/Dec. Asheville, NC
1982 Adrian, Robert. "Art+Telecommunications" Arts Electronica, Vienna, Austria & Vancouver, Canada
Thomas, Michel. "11 Portraits d'Artistes”. Textile/Art, cover and article, Paris, France
El Attar, et al. K18 Stoffwechsel Catalogue with handmade book covers, Kassel, Germany
Houk, Pam, ed., Cloth Forms Catalogue, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH
1981 "National Endowment for the Arts Craftsmen's Fellowships," American Craft, New York, NY
Tenth Biennale Internationale de la Tapisserie Musee Catalogue, Lausanne, Switzerland
1979 Wilson, Karen, "Snodgrass: Wind Sculptures,” Fiberarts: Public Fiber, Sept./Oct. cover, feature

Full Curriculum Vitae