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Bodies of Water

I am 3/4 Swiss
I am 3/4 water.

I am made of clouds, rivers, dew, tears, snow, and rain.
I come from under the ground, on the earth, and in the sky.

The tomato I had for dinner was 95% water.
Some of my water comes from food.

Water comes in different qualities.

Some water is contaminated from sewage, chemicals, and nu.clear waste-
Consuming this water contributes to the death of more than 15,000 people
every day* - most of those who cross over are young, under the age of 5.

Some water is slowly toxic and builds in our bodies, the bodies of animals,
in the bodies of plants and in the bodies of waters - when the levels rise the
imbalance no longer sustains life, the water moves on through the cycle.

Some water is very clear, clean and alive - it is complete, uninjured and
wholesome naturally balanced as it dances over rocks and through the
shade of trees – this water promotes health and rejuvenation.
Water is always moving through its amazing cycles – it carry the past
into the future - it flows in us and between us – what it is we will be.

The water in you today may once upon a time been a rabbit, a flower, a
dinosaur, your neighbor, your mother, an enemy, a glacier, a wave –
from a distant place and time. We truly are all one –

In a steamy – watery, icy, kind-of-way.

-Cindy Snodgrass

for “Tayamentasachta, never ending clean water,”
homage to Homestead, PA, pump house steel workers